Food Assessment

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Global Smart Resources is an international food assurance services company, dedicated to partnering with food companies to help protect the health and well-being of food consumers and to protect, strengthen and promote our clients’ brands.

With experience in the food safety and quality assurance field, our team of dedicated and professional scientists and food service experts have developed a simple, user-friendly system and approach to help food companies implement the necessary policies, practices, procedures and audit methods to meet their food safety and quality goals while complying with international standards and regulations.

Global Smart Resources works with food producers, airlines and large-scale food buyers (i.e. supermarkets, those in the hospitality industry and retail stores) to develop, implement and manage Food Safety & Quality Management Programs.

Whether you have your own in-house quality assurance team, need assistance with a specific problem or require a complete Food Safety & Quality Management Program, Global Smart Resources is able to step in and, through due diligence, provide an immediate and long-lasting solution, giving you the confidence of knowing that your customers receive safe, high quality food.

Global Smart Resources are professional and qualified auditors can help you not just monitor, but also improve compliance with your food safety and quality goals using consistent and objective auditing and reporting methods, documents and tools.

Global Smart Resources auditors are not only trained in the most up-to-date scientific and legislative food safety requirements but also undergo courses in audit methodology, designed to educate and empower food producers in meeting safety requirements. During each audit, the food safety requirements are clearly explained and practical solutions for all non-compliance suggested. Whatever your auditing needs are, Global Smart Resources has the skill and experience to meet them.

  • HACCP Audits
  • GFSI Preparation Audits
  • Food Safety Audits
  • Food Quality Audits
  • Food Product Evaluations
  • Equipment & Loading Audits
  • Tender Audits
  • In-flight Catering Food Safety Audits
  • In-flight Catering Food Quality Audits
  • Airline Nominated Food Manufacturer Audits
  • Double Catering Audits