About Us

In this rapidly changing world, learning has become an integral part of the lives of individuals, groups and organizations. It is arguable that learning has become a critical process, but only if it is pursued strategically and embedded operationally in the workplace.

Throughout our long journey of research and practice, we have exerted our efforts to specially learn how to learn and have made it our mission to improve both our own learning skills as well our clients.

Considering the importance of learning and the alignment of organizations’ activities with the achievement of their visions and the fulfillment of their missions and objectives. Global Smart Resources has been established with a vision to become the number one facilitator of organizational learning in the region and the premier source for best practices and value added assessing, training and research services and products.

Our key services are focused on excelling in performance through the utilization of organizational excellence models and international standards.

At Global Smart Resources, we are very keen on giving back to our society and becoming a role model as a socially responsible organization. Many unique practices and initiatives have been designed and will be provided in a wide niche of integrated services and solutions to ensure this. Our team and we rely much on your feedback and suggestions so please stay in touch.