Supplier Assessment

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Global Smart Resources provides local Technical Specialists to perform inspections and assist suppliers in identifying and preventing nonconforming product. As a result, our customers realize significant benefits — improved quality, increased reliability, and significant cost reduction (i.e. reduced travel costs, eliminate overhead, mitigate risk).

  • Conformity inspection
  • Final inspection
  • First article inspection
  • Sampling inspection
  • In-process inspection
  • Test witnessing

Process Auditing

Global Smart Resources conducts a targeted evaluation of your suppliers’ adherence to all requirements. Our experienced Technical Specialists provide the information you need to determine where problems currently exist and where potential problems could arise. With this in hand, you’re better positioned to prioritize improvements,  reduce cycle time and improve schedule performance.

  • Assure accuracy of drawings and requirements.
  • Review suitability of materials used.
  • Assess machine capability.
  • Determine appropriateness of workers’ skills and training.
  • Validate appropriate use of proper measuring devices.
  • Evaluate production flow and reveal production “bottlenecks.”

Program Auditing

Global Smart Resources’ program audit services evaluate your suppliers’ capability to meet all the requirements flowed down to them. Our Technical Specialists review their approach to meet your current and future expectations.

  • Assess suppliers’ ability to implement needed changes to incorporate engineering design changes or new inspection requirements.
  • Assure suitability and consistency of Special Processes utilized on your products.
  • Analyze material procurement and control processes.
  • Review effectiveness of calibration process to assure proper recall cycle times and control.
  • Determine suppliers’ ability to correct non-conformance and effectiveness of their Corrective Action process.
  • Evaluate consistency of document control process to assure you regularly receive necessary paperwork.

Supplier Development

Our Technical Specialists utilize a variety of proven supplier development techniques that provide a structured, documented approach to supplier improvement activities.

  • Assist suppliers to identify targets of possible improvements.
  • Utilize proven techniques (Lean Manufacturing / Six-Sigma) to help suppliers develop and document improvement plans.
  • Monitor progress of plan and assure it’s implemented.
  • Determine if plan was effective in addressing improvement opportunity or effective in eliminating cause of a non-conformance.
  • Assure these activities are properly documented and reported to you.